Aqua Aromatica by Richard James

Richard James Colognes Aqua Aromatica

After his first perfume (Savile Row EDT), Richard James launched a new superior Colognes collection names “AQVA AROMATICA | COLOGNE COLLECTION”. Two perfumers worked on this cologne collection (Michel Almeirac & Alain Verjus), they started from the idea of a classic refreshing cologne, but wanted something that last longer. These colognes were created with a higher concentration.

This collection has been created exactly the way you create a clothing collection, an uncompromising quality and a touch of bold creativity. Richard James has selected fragrances according to the French Perfumery Tradition in order to re-create the French excellence, using noble materials and classy combinations.

This collection is also irresistibly modern and reflects the vibrancy of a high-end bespoke style. As each man has a multiple personas, able to express multiple moods, needs and desires, the collection comes in first 4 signatures, offering 4 different energies, seasons, destinations and feelings.

Blade of Grass Cologne

"Blade of Grass" dazzles like a lavish springtime landscape. Green tea and fig tree function their magic in an uplifting accord, an invigorating cool breeze underlined by bergamot and a happy ruptured of vetiver. Rich, wonderful notes make an unanticipated appearance, offering this eco-friendly core a long lasting character. Fresh yet strong, this harmonious fragrance focuses on a best accord of green tea and also moss. A modern-day and sophisticated Cologne with a pronounced route that lingers in its wake.

So Citrus Cologne

Bergamot, lemon and mandarin socialize in an intricate accord, instilling this Cologne (So Citrus by Richard James) with a touch of vibrant as well as sunny convenience. Then, warm notes step in, boosting the classic citrus cologne concept to brand-new elevations. This development welcomes you on a sundown stroll among the citrus trees in a fragrant, relaxed and soothing garden.

Ecorce d'épices Cologne

This worthy fragrance is built around an engaging aromatic blend. Woody, environment-friendly rosemary glows with supporting minty notes, heated by the fire of pimento leaves. "Écorce d'Epices" boasts a remarkable personality. This spicy arrangement provides a spin to the cliché, confronting its bubbly vigor with stylish and sexy amber. Tangy as well as fragrant with its rosemary, mint and also citrus, this spicy fruity fragrant scent brilliantly combines freshness as well as personality, backed by seductive convenience.

Black Vanilla Cologne

Vanilla is not a typically used in men's scents. Nonetheless, when united with the deepness of woods and also the acidity of vibrant fruits. This complicated as well as fascinating basic material can totally reveal its strong and sensual personality. Patchouli and frankincense add a resinous darkness for the reminiscent sweet taste. "Black Vanilla" resembles an unidentified blossom in the buttonhole of a black velvet jacket. This oriental Perfume takes a different technique. The accord is developed around the sensualism of vanilla, melded with valuable timbers for a warm extraordinary touch.