About Colognes

After his first perfume today Richard James launches Aqva Aromatica, a superior cologne collection.

This name comes from the Latin expression to describe the “aromatic waters”, liquid medicines yielding a fragrant aroma.

For this collection, perfumers started from the idea of a classic refreshing Cologne, but with a higher concentration, to allow the fragrance to last longer.

Aqva Aromatica has been created exactly like a clothing collection, with the same spirit of uncompromising quality and bold creativity.

Deeply rooted in excellence, Richard James selected fragrances according to the tradition of French Perfumery, using noble materials and refined combinations. This collection is also irresistibly modern and reflects the vibrancy of a high-end bespoke style.

As each man has multiple personas, able to express multiple moods, needs and desires, the collection comes in 4 signatures, offering 4 different energies, seasons, destinations, feelings.